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Nikita Willy Biography :

Nikita Purnama Willy or Nikita Willy (born in Jakarta, June 29, 1994, age 16 years) is a young actress of Indonesia. Nikita Willy started his career in the entertainment world Indonesia since the age of 7 years through patron Moon Stars. Artist bloody Minang public is becoming known, when the dime novel role in the soap opera with Evan Sanders. In addition, she also started to spread to the world of drag votes.

Nikita Willy is young acting star of Indonesia, which have stared a number of advertisement, movie and sinetron. Nikita Willy start to be recognized by moment public play a part in ROMAN PICISAN sinetron with actor of Papua, Evan Sanders

Woman of birth of Jakarta, 29 June 1994 this start to have career since age seven year pass BULAN BINTANG sinetron. Caught up then sinetron like ROMAN PICISAN, RATU MALU DAN JENDRAL KANCIL, SI CECEP, HABIBI DAN HABIBAH, PACAR PILIHAN, PENGANTIN KECILKU and FTV, MAK COMBLANG JATUH CINTA.

Whereas as advertisement model, Nikita Willy have become advertisement model for the peppermint of Milton, Citra Body Lotion, kosmetik Pigeon, Choki-Choki, detergent Total, Holland Bakery, Bank BNI, Bank BII and wafer coklat Roma.

Nikita Willy returned in the select as a major actor in soap operas on the new stripping September 2009, Safa and Marwah. Here, she again had to play as a character much older than actual age.

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